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Are you a girl (attractive, sensual, extrovert, cultured, etc.) and you want to cash in on your charms? Are you studing a career and need money to pay for it? Or would you like to add excitement and some income to your family life, mantaining private and intimate encounters? With total discretion so it doesn't affect your life in the present or the future. In Joyeux Elite Escorts VIP we put at your service more thatn 19 years of experiance in relax and adult encounters, we are one of the most serious and prestige agencies operating in Mexico and the most exclusive in Guadalajara. In Joyeux we guarantee your privicy, at the same time we offer you a warm, respectful, proffesional and human approach, and some high weekly incomes, your discretion and security are our highest priority. We are not a male massage parlor or a brothel, we are a VIP level agency, that's why our clientele is exclusive. Thanks to our experiance, we guarantee your safety in the encounters, because we have a selected clientele and we assured the total confidentiality of the photographs that you send us, as they will be deleted as soon as we verify them.

We just ask a few requirements: Be between 18 and 30 years old. Be phisically atractive and sensual. Elegance and politeness

If you have had any cosmetic surgeries that's of no inconvinience, on the contrary, that can help you stand out and have better incomes.

Don't think it anymore, get in contact with us. You just need to send your information (name, age, weight, height, size, measurements, phone number and e-mail address) and send us two pictures, face and body, no filters or editing.

Send us your information to joyeuxgdl@gmail.com Call 3310919987

The girls that took the step, are delighted. You can stay with us as long as you wish. Oportunities are few, take advantage of them. No be fool by false agencies that only make you loose your time and dignity.

IF YOU FOREIGN OR FROM OUT OF TOWN You're looking for employment as an escort in Guadalajara? Joyeux is your best employment choice, we are looking for girls between 18 and 30 years old with excelent presentation and great service attitude, at the escort job is really important to have a great attitude to be succesful, we are looking for mexican and foreing talents with schedule availability and eager to have excelent incomes. We offer round trip plane tickets and stay to escorts that commit to at least three months (just foreing and out-of-towners) and have excelent presentation. All nationalities welcome. Send us an e-mail with full body and face pictures, swimsuit preferable, we will answer you as soon as possible. Please fill the application completely so we can get in contact with you o send us an e-mail. Thank you.